Moral Theory, Utilitarianism

Business Ethics - PHILOS3235 - 31 January 2018

Big 3 of Moral Theory

Different moral targets

person actions consequences
right being right action right outcome
virtue theory deontology utilitarianism


Why consequences?
  1. Consequences can be studied empirically
    • People have preferences, we can study them, we can maximize
  2. Rational - When there is a diff. in treatment - there is some rational justification
    • Moral community -> sentient = equal consideration
    • There is strength in the fact that they broaden the moral community
  3. User friendly - easy to apply - Benthan’s moral calculator

Anything lacking?

  • how easy to figure out
  • any conflict in interests… egoism, impartially?
  • Rights: Sandel’s organ harvesting case