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My name is Clay McGinnis

Student at Missouri S&T. I am proficient in many object oriented languages, and have strong skills in web development, front end and backend.


Multirotor Robot Design Team

We develop advanced solutions for computer vision, flight control, and collision avoidance to achieve autonomous drone flight. I have focused a lot on Project Management and AI.

Tech Used:

Python, PX4, Microcontroller

DwDD - Dude, Where's my Designated Driver

Find designated drivers when you need one most. Make the party scene safer for college students. For MLH Local Hack Day in 2018.

Tech Used:

Python (Flask), Twilio, JavaScript, HTML/ CSS

ACM Website

The website for the ACM branch at Missouri S&T. As the lead developer and project manager, I developed the front end and many backend elements. Built using TypeScript and React.js.

Tech Used:

TypeScript, HTML/ CSS, React.js


A fitness app, designed and developed by myself and Innocent Niyibizi. This app was built for powerlifters to be able to calculate the best possible weights to lift in a set.

Tech Used:

Java, SQLite


Connect with others in anonymous debates! Both players are told their stance, and fight for whats right! For TrumanHacks 2018

Tech Used:

Python (Flask), Javascript, HTML/ CSS


Croudsourced map website for rating and finding culturally relevant places to help immigrants and refugees get comfortable in new environments. For GlobalHack VII in 2018. Named after the only word understood by all cultures.

Tech Used:

React, Google Maps, JavaScript, Python (Flask)


A business focused network for connecting Veteran business owners with unemployed Veterans. For ShamHacks 2018.

Tech Used:

Python (Flask), Javascript, HTML/ CSS


Group chat app designed to allow friends to chat and play Pong in the same place. Our modified Pong allows n number of players to play Pong together. For MLH Local Hack Day in 2017.

Tech Used:

Golang, JavaScript, HTML/ CSS

For more of my projects, checkout my GitHub


Programming Languages:

  • Python


    Self-taught. Many years experience writing for my research, drone AI, side projects, and hackathons.

  • C++


    Several projects through classes. Classes include: Introduction to Programming with C++, Data Structures, and Discrete Mathematics.

  • Go


    Learned through classes, testing and projects. Designed and built a web-server/ group-chat server with Go for a project called PongChat.

  • React.js


    Lead developer for ACM WEB at Missouri S&T. Used in many side projects.

  • Typescript


    Classes, side projects, and extracurriculars. Also know JavaScript very well.


  • Unix


    Used GNU/Linux as daily driver for years. Desktop and server experience. Also use MacOS.

  • Git


    Used Git with every project I have done. Working with Git workflows to increase efficiency has been a big target for me.

  • LaTeX


    I use LaTeX to write up my homework files, and I also wrote my resume with this.

  • R


    Used for my Engineering Statistics class.


2016 - Missouri University of Science and Technology - B.S. Computer Science, 3.5 GPA, Graduation December 2020